Te Amo

During my Gap Yah last year I spent some time in Cusco, volunteering at a school in Ccorao, which is a village in the hills outside the city. I had a really good time, but now I’m scared of sounding like a pretentious rich boy if I talk about it.

Never the less, it looks like I am going to anyway…
On our last day at the school, all the kids dressed up in their traditional Quechuan clothes and did performances for us. However, my camera was very annoyingly stolen on the bus that morning. Luckily I had a couple of exposures left on another point-and-shoot, but I finished the roll before Rozmel began his heart-wrenching solo performance of Te Amo. He had choreographed a whole routine, and performed it in front of quite a few people. As annoying as he had been to teach for three months, I have to give him brownie points for guts.

The last photo is of a little Peruvian girl wearing her special head-dress that she made especially for the occasion. She told me it took her and her sisters two months to finish.

Peru, late October, 2009.

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3 Responses to Te Amo

  1. ameliajenner says:

    she told me it took 4 months of gruelling metal work to carve that one.

  2. iamlucien says:

    That second photo down is ridiculously good.

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