I’m really struggling to decide where I should start with the account of my South American travels. The beginning would probably be best, but there’s a lot to get through.

For those with a thing for flowcharts, it went a bit like this:
Peru → Bolivia → Chile → Argentina → Uruguay → Brazil → Argentina → Chile.
Soles → Bolivianos → Pesos → Pesos → Pesos → Reais → Pesos → Pesos.
Spanish (spoken clearly) → Spanish (spoken clearly) → Spanish (Spoken in a way that is equivalent to how people from far North Queensland speak English) → Spanish (“pohjo” instead of “poyo”) → Spanish (copied Argentina) → Portuguese (a rude shock) → Spanish (a relief to be able to communicate again) → Spanish (spoken way too fast).

Clearly a significant simplification – I’ll try to gradually explain it more comprehensively over time.

These are all from in or around Cusco. Various dates between August 1 and October 31, 2009.

The last shot is one from a forthcoming photo-essay on typical gringos – tourists who wear only khaki, utility/safari vests, zip-off pants, legionnaires/wide brim hats, velcro sandals and an assortment of other articles bound to put them at the very top of a pickpocket or con-artist’s hit list (despite their pedantic use of passport wallets).
I tried to catalogue as many of them as I could during my time away.

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