Here are some photographs from Nepal. I went there in February/March 2009, with my two lovely cousins. We flew into Kathmandu via Bangkok, spent a couple of days wandering, wondering and organising, and then caught a minibus/jeep combination to where we would start the Annapurna Circuit.

The highest point (geographically, though there were many emotionally high points also) on the trek was the 5416m Thorung La Pass. The overall experience of crossing the Pass can easily fall into both the “best things I’ve ever done” category and the “most unpleasant experiences of my life” category. On the morning in question, we awoke around 3am and left Thorung Phedi – the last camp before the Pass. All three of us were wearing every piece of clothing we had brought in our respective packs. The temperature was definitely the coldest I had ever experienced. After a bit of breakfast we started walking up (what felt like) a 70° rock face. This uninviting angle, plus the effects of altitude sickness, food poisoning, almost frost-bitten fingers & toes, howling winds, frozen drinking water and false peaks made for a really super day. If it wasn’t for the unsurpassable scenery and the utter feeling of relief and achievement upon reaching the top, I think I would have purposefully thrown myself off the side of a particularly sheer-looking cliff face.

The photos are not in chronological order.

I have a lot more. Stories and photos.

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